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An artist enriching lives with beauty through dramatic and emotive figurative sculpture.


Committed to producing beautiful and affordable lighting for every imaginable residential application.


Brand design for Hyundai
and Kia's Media Agency

An Easy Plan

Let's Talk

We get to know you in order to tell a compelling story about what you offer.

We Go To Work

We design your marketing around that story to better engage your customers.

Brand Confidence

You finally have confidence in your brand and can watch your business thrive.
"I've depended on Reddoor Creative for the last four companies I've led. Is there a better testimonial than that?
Reddoor has been integral to our growth, given us a clear voice, a distinctive brand presence and allowed us to compete with the major players in our industry. They've helped me grow Composition 10x in a matter of a few years. I've seen the same amount of growth for each of the previous companies we've worked on together."
Jeff Luchonok

We Can Help

You want your business to succeed. So do we. You have something unique and valuable to offer, we can help you tell the world about it.

Typically clients approach us and we find that existing branding and marketing don't match the quality of the product or service you provide. If you utilize the do-it-yourself approach to design, you usually end up wasting time, feeling overwhelmed or end up with a less than stellar result. This choice will hold you back from doing your best work. We know what it feels like to have something special to offer, but no one is taking notice. Since 2006, we've helped hundreds of businesses, ones just like yours, tell better stories and find success through compelling design.

Our plan to help is simple. We begin by clearly defining the objective, next we establish appropriate messaging and finally we use our time-tested creative process to create and communicate on your behalf. Our clients enjoy working with us because we're accessible and up front. We keep you informed along the way and we're always looking out for your best interests. We consider it a privilege to serve you.

Working with Reddoor Creative will finally give you confidence in your brand and the way you market yourself. You can go from flying under the radar to having a brand that is authentic to who you are and that leads to recognition, success, increased sales and customer loyalty.

Business as Usual?

We're in business to help brands from failing.


Your precious time has been wasted on design and branding yourself, instead of hiring a pro and focusing on the unique contribution you make to your business.


You decide to go with a "less expensive" option, like crowd-sourcing or hiring an inexperienced designer in-house and end up with marginal results.


Your product or service remains your industry's "best kept secret" (not in a good way). You're left with confusing messaging and marketing.