A mission to create beautiful and affordable lighting for the home

Progress Lighting
Progress lighting is one of the nations largest producers and manufacturers of affordable lighting solutions. Being a company that works in such high volume, it's easy to sacrifice beauty in lieu of getting it all done.
Being details and logistics focussed, we've found ways to organize and communicate their brand in elegant ways. Whether it's a nearly one-thousand page product catalog, or designer brochure, we've recognized their need to produce beautiful marketing materials at high volumes. Since working with Progress Lighting, they've been noticed by AMCP for 'outstanding communication, and were spotlighted by MarCom 2018 in the Consumer Print Media Category.

Catalog 132

Comprehensive product catalog (865 pages)

Design Series

The Design Series brand was created to add value and elevate the parent brand.

Jeffrey Alan Marks for Design Series

Experience Progress

Multiple volumes per year of a magazine that showcases product, installations, designers and trends within the residential lighting industry.

It's time to arm your brand with a clear story and compelling design.