An artist enriching lives with beauty through world-renowned figurative sculpture.

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Richard MacDonald
"Presentation is everything." This phrase is uttered in many art schools. Your concept or execution may be flawless but if you have a lousy presentation, then what you created falls flat. The world-renowned sculptor, Richard MacDonald, knew this all too well and felt he had neglected his website presentation far too long. We meticulously went through his past site and noted its successes and failures while working side-by-side with the artist and his team to create a rich experience of his three dimensional work online.
The obvious qualities were on the team's checklist: works well on all devices, attention grabbing homepage, easy-to-manage content and built for SEO. We didn't want the museum like experience of the art to be lost. Being able to see his sculpture in person is something magical. It's much more challenging to make the sculpture come alive on a two-dimensional medium. We had to get two things right: the incredible detail of the work and the three dimensional experience. This is a tough nut to crack since we are dealing with multiple devices, many screen sizes and functionality.

With the help of designer/developer, Thom Meredith, we did this in two ways. The first is a powerful yet simple homepage sildeshow that shows macroview croppings of the artwork texture. The interesting twist with this sildeshow is that we ensured that we had a different collection of images, depending on whether the device was in horizontal or vertical orientation.
The second was the three-dimensional experience. The technology in this realm continues to improve and we were able to implement a 360 degree view of the artwork that user could control with their mouse or finger on touch devices. This sounds simple and obvious but a few years ago the only options were crude and didn't work on touch devices.


Creating a great experience for mobile devices using the same image database was critical.

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Looking beyond the website, we continued to develop other areas of presentation to properly represent these sculptures in printed pieces and exhibit spaces.

Catalogue Raisonné

A catalogue raisonné was created for the exhibition celebrating the first 25 years of Richard MacDonald's sculpture. This print piece was awarded a regional and national print award, in partnership with the fine printing team at Dual Graphics.
It is tempting to overuse the word 'energy' when discussing Richard MacDonald. The man himself, his work, the indomitable challenges he has stared down in the course of his career, his models, his subject matter—the very material of bronze itself, emerging from the fiery crucible, glows with energy. The first twenty five years of Richard MacDonald's crusade to reimagine figurative sculpture for our time is a story of will, focus, and relentless, unstoppable movement forward.

The Exhibition

The Exhibition is an attempt to the display the artist's achievements while foreshadowing the future. Reddoor helped develop the concept of the exhibition while creating all exhibition graphics and customizing them to multiple gallery installations. From large image panels down to small name plaques for the individual pieces, this is a complete branded traveling exhibition. It wouldn't have been possible without the creative energy and vision of our client.


Stationery systems can be dull and ordinary or they can be a beautiful expression of the entity they represent. In this case we strived for the second, designing a system that supports the world-renowned sculptor, Richard MacDonald. His art is dimensional and expressive, while Richard MacDonald Studios is a professional corporation, the stationery needed to speak to quality of the art it represented.
The large blind-debossed "Richard MacDonald" was a connection to the dimensional work that sometimes can be as large as 26 feet tall. The supporting type was engraved, the highest quality printing available, representing the quality of the organization that supports the artist.


To say that the art of Richard MacDonald is powerful is a bit of understatement. As one of the world's leading figurative sculptors, his art has an emotive quality that can only really be experienced in person. So when Richard MacDonald Studios came to us with the challenge of conveying that experience in a two dimensional advertisement we jumped at the opportunity. Ultimately, we presented the art in a dramatic fashion, on a stark black background with a simple tagline that supported the experience when viewing the art in person.

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