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CANVAS Worldwide
We worked with a great team at Innocean Worldwide USA, to create a visionary brand identity for CANVAS Worldwide, from scratch, stand-alone global media agency. CANVAS is a joint venture between INNOCEAN Worldwide and Horizon Media.
CANVAS represents the ability to generate custom-designed solutions for the ever-changing advertising landscape and needed to embody a spirit of creativity and curiosity. The company's philosophy is that given a blank canvas they can use imagination to achieve almost anything. We want people to see the brand as a fresh, creative, innovative new player. People should feel intrigued inspired, and curious to explore.

The Solution

We wanted to create a brand that is meaningful, differentiated and flexible. So we explored wordmarks, symbols and numerous combinations that pushed the viewer to think and interact. Ideas ranged from broad brush strokes that would take on the content of the media clients to an abstract C that would be a portal to new media ideas and solutions.
The best solution, which was internally dubbed as "the implied frame," embodied the brand and its values in the most complete way. Meant to be less commercial and more avant garde or fashion-forward. This idea is based on an abstract frame that contains any and all possible content, which creates the implied canvas. The frame itself is derived from the cross strokes of the "A" letterforms. The final result is a minimal solution that invites the viewer to engage with the brand.

The first round of conceptual ideas was met with a standing ovation from the client's leadership. Approval of creative concepts have come quickly and the client is excited to showcase the brand in the launch of CANVAS and during the hiring process. Forthcoming CANVAS Worldwide launch anticipated for January 01, 2016. All the samples below are due to the great collaboration from the team at Innocean USA:

Creative direction/writing - Chris Halas
Associate Creative Director - Tricia Ting
Art Director - Eric Stevens
Website User Experience - Damien Dalli, Jon Farjo

Brand Guidelines

Sample screens from the brand guidance document.

Reddoor Values

Excellent Design

We create, value, and celebrate good design.

The Canvas logo's "implied frame" became a leading element in the entire system, creating a continuous and consistent personality in the design.


An important aspect of vision for Canvas was that it could translate as a high-end lifestyle brand. Here is a select collection of those executions.

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